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Salvation is a not-for-profit film available on platforms free of charge and is the most translated film ever made.

I’ve thanked people in the description of the YouTube video but there was a limited space so here are some more people who have given a huge amount of their time out of sheer kindness and belief in the purpose of the film.

So many have helped me but some names which spring to mind are: Sandip Patel, Shammi Aulakh, Faraz Khan, Noah Butt, Ramzi Issa, Subhash Goswami, Kate Kempf, Dave, Kenny, Dilip, Rahul, Josh.

The original music of the film is created by Arjuna Harjai. The Film Director is Tharun Mohan. The two Directors of Photography are Sasha Bajac and Ariel Artur. The Editor is Pavel Petrov and he is also an inspirational writer. The Sound Recordist is Cristian Majer. The Sound Designer is Bruno Diaz de Carballo.